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Sun Mar 8, 2015, 11:02 AM

Just letting everyone know, I'm still alive and I haven't forgotten the comms I owe. I'm sorry to everyone who's waited a super long time, I probably will not be able to respond to notes for a while here. But I haven't forgotten the comms and I assure you, those who ordered art from me will get their art.

edit: as far as lichequeen/sevendiscovery goes, I have already sent her her refund, and contacted her multiple times with no response. I understand a lot of you have been waiting a long time for your comms, but things at home are going on that I have no control over. I would never steal anyones money, and I always intend to finish the commissions ordered from me. So as far as she goes, she has her money back, and I will not be responding to her harassement any longer. She's lied about me for quite some time now, so from now on I will be ignoring her, seeing as I have already given her back her money. I literally have no money right now, nothing, nada. Not in my bank, and not in my paypal, the only money I had was given to her. 

I realize a lot of you have been waiting forever, and again I apologize, but I do intend on finishing your art. But again, I will most likely not be able to respond to notes on da for a while, but I havent forgotten the art I owe.

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Mon Aug 25, 2014, 11:19 AM

Not for me, for :iconlunarblues: ;o; she has such pretty art sdfg go order!!!! u won't regret it ;v;

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Join me - playing games

Thu Aug 14, 2014, 8:59 PM

just kinda on my lonesome and decided to start up a stream. It wont e terribly interesting, just playing an MMORPG. but ye if u wanna come watch me kill stuff and what not. If i dont move for a while either 1) lag or 2) im getting a drink.

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Last Week's Update + GoAL S

Tue Aug 5, 2014, 5:38 AM

Dui buqi guys I forgot to write an update last week @@ 

WeLP first off, I still have shit tons of shiny pokemon that I'm not doing jack shit with, so if anyone wants some, yeah. I have a shiny magikarp as well, because it wasn't derpy enough with the colour that it was, now was it.

Annnnnd idk, nothing interesting happened last week, I just worked on a bunch of commissions.

sPEAKIGN OF COMMISSIONS I'm going to have aLL of them done by the end of this month even if it kILLS ME. There MIGHT be some a few days late, but it will most likely be because those people haven't contacted me back yet or I had to restart the commission. bUT I will be powering through these even if I need to slap myself awake for 5 days straight. 

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Sun Aug 3, 2014, 10:22 AM

I will be offering points commissions until 8/5/14. Any ordered after that will be ignored. HOWEVER I will ONLY be doing the types listed bellow, due to the fact that I do still have people who have been waiting a while on commissions who I'm trying to get done. DO NOT ORDER UNTIL YOU'VE READ ALL BELLOW.


Same as usual, you may NOT reupload the finished art ANYWHERE for ANY REASON, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Same as usual, you may NOT edit the art in ANY way, shape, or form, NO EXCEPTIONS.
I take prepay ONLY.
I will NOT do artwork for Howrse or SIM games, and you may NOT use the art on any SIM sites, NO EXCEPTIONS.
I will NOT do artwork for Cimoron Island, and you may NOT use the art on Cimoron Island, NO EXCEPTIONS.
You may use the art on other RPG's but you MUST tell me where you are using it.
If you read and understand the rules, you MUST include the word 'peanut' somewhere in your note.


100 Points = $1, price may go up depending on complexity.

Sketch - 300 points

Flat colours - 500 points

Cell shaded - 800 points

Wings - +100 points

Armour - +300 points

Magic/powers - +400 points

Extra character - depends on complexity.


MUST be filled out. NOTE ME with the form, do NOT reply to the journal.

Character name:
Character reference: [Full body, coloured references ONLY. I will NOT take written descriptions. Do NOT link me to the character's profile, ONLY the reference.]
Character breed: [While I will do mythical horses, putting 'pegasus' or 'unicorn' will NOT count as a breed]
Pose: [Do NOT link me to other's artwork or photographs, this includes stock photos. I ONLY accept written poses.]
Commission type: [MUST include how much of the body you want shown AND which of the styles listed above that you want.]
Will be using the art on the following sites:
Anything else: [Do NOT link me to character profiles or stories/threads.]


If a slot doesn't have a name on it, it's open, so do not ask about slots.


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I have lots of points that have been sitting around for ages, so I figured I'd use em. I'm looking for someone who has points commissions open for custom designs. I'm not looking for horse designs atm.
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I keep disappearing gomen.

It's really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hot. I now have two fans in my bedroom and it's still hot as heck. If anyone sees a melted Nefur on the sidewalk pls scrape me up and plop me in the nearest pool.

Also look at how cute my new lil litwick is~ :iconnefur-studios: lil bouncy bae. Thank you :iconemily-ninjacupcake: for the super cute pixel commission !!

AnnndI'll try to upload a little bit of art tonight, and will be uploading more this week because I'm gonna power through some drawing commissions. Still waiting for some replies on manip comms. Might stream the drawings later this week??? yes/no???? 

Also been playing pokemon like crazy lately, so pumped for ORAS :iconkissingplz: hopefully it'll be out before my birthday, since it's being released in November. 

I have extra shinies too
if anyone wants some
cos I ain't doin jack bubbles with em rftgyhu
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I think I missed a week whoops

I got a lot of comms done this week!!! Most of them haven't been uploaded here tho because they're for members of different sites. I've been taking a break from dA comms because most of them are manips and I'm waiting for a reply for quite a few of them for extra info about the characters. But once all those people have contacted me back I'll start uploading those as I get them done.

As for tonight I'm just doing some small personal art because w o w stressful week m

idk how much personal art I'll be uploading here since a lot of it is just pokemon and animal crossing huehue

/stumbles away
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it's h o t as b alls an d im si ck a s balls fu cjing 
/ su tmfoble s awya 
 ye ah
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Unfortunately I only have 60 points atm, which isn't much sadly. But I can also offer art in exchange if you;d rather have that.

What I need is a Halloween themed pixel for my avatar and to use as an icon for a few other sites. It doesn't have to be animated.
I've looked through a lot of the free to use avatars here on dA, and while I love the little pumpkin kitty, I think I'm gonna need something a little more personalized.
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Custom Design Auction

Sun Jun 22, 2014, 7:11 AM

Commissions are officially closing on the 24th ((2 days from now)). Commissions will be closed forever after that and I will only be finishing the orders that I currently have ((including past ones)). Manip commissions are already permanently closed, however if you want a drawing of your character you may contact me for info. For now though, I will host an auction for one custom design:

Design will recieve a flat coloured file and a shaded file.
Design can be of any species, however I will not design you a species or a breed.
Design will include a full ref sheet of the character.
Design will follow my usual commission rules.
The character can be as complex or simple as you want.


You MUST reply to the bid before you, or I will not count your bid.
You must send the money without 24 hours of the auction's end or I will give the design to the bidder before you.
Reply to the note I send you within 48 hours of being sent ((unless you let me know before hand that you will be away))

Starting bid: $10
Highest bid:
Autobuy: None

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Weekly Update Pfft

Fri Jun 20, 2014, 5:57 PM

Torturing my friends seems to be the theme of my life right now, which :iconskellri: , :iconkiwi-kabob: , and :icondeo-volante: can confirm pff. Everythin hurts and characters are dead and it's all my fault and I regret nOTHING. Mostly Blackstar, Blackstar dies a lot. I literally torture my characters to death, precious babies. uvu 

I've also been sick all week which has sucked ass because I really wanted to manip this week but everytime I sat up to do art I got really dizzy and had to lie back again @@ I really hope it goes away over the weekend because I'm really sick of all these delays n@ Idk tho, one of my friends was really sick so I think I got it from her which sucks cos I hate being stuck in this hot room all day, I wanna go into my living room to do art where the air conditioning is ;o;

ALSO I DO NOT RECOMMEND MAKING A POPULAR TUMBLR POST. My notifications have been hell I can barely even get to the posts I want to see because my dash is crowded with "what's-his-butt reblogged your post" wORST EXPERIENCE 0/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

I suppose really the only good thing about being sick is getting to drink lots of ice cold drinks and getting to work on my Animal Crossing New Leaf town a bit more uvu gdi tho getting Bruce to move out and finding Diana is the hardest thing ever, I would just get Merengue back but I still need to cycle some more, which would be 4000% easier if Bruce would stop changing his mind about moving.

Also do any of y'all just get really frustrated with ur cats/dogs cos they keep shedding rly fast and yet they insiST ON ROLLING IN UR BLANKETS AND PRESSING THEIR HAIRY SELVES AGAINST UR FACE. My cat keeps doing that and he keeps rubbing her back against my nose so now my nose is really irritated and my eyes itch. I love her but agH.

Also TMI but walmart needs to get some fuckin E cups cos I'm sick of having my boobs squished against me and not being able to fucking breathe.

I also have my recipe to Sunomono which is a cucumber salad and it's really good on hot days and really refreshing but idk should I post that?? Do any of y'all even like cucumbers??? Do y'all know what a cucumber is??? Am I asking pointless questions???

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More Talky? Less Talky??

Tue Jun 17, 2014, 10:56 PM

So lately I've been getting a lot of notes going "shizu u useless piece of crap r u even still here" and yES I AM vaguely maybe i guess. So the plan is basically I guess as well as uploading art, which is probably what you;re even watching me fore "shut up shizu we don't care abour ut life i just want ur draws n manips" idk?? So the plan is between art I would try to upload a little journal at least once a week, idk i guess it would just be like "HI YES I'M ALIVE THIS IS WHAT'S HAPPENING IN MY NOT-SO-INTERESTING LIFE" But I think some people would be annoyed by it too so lemme know whatcha think about that in the comments while I go be a useless piece-o-da-crappa elsewhere. Also the thing where i do words on the computer is not happening tight now, there are probably enormous amounts of typos but oh wELL.

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One Last Chance to Get a Manip

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 3:23 PM
I decided to open up 5 more slots for manipulations, and they will be on sale, however before you order please make sure to read and understand the entire journal. 

ENDS 6/18/14

I have 4 rules for these manips:

1) Equines ONLY
2) You MUST be willing to wait a while, I have orders that have been waiting a long time now, and I'd like to make those my first priority before touching newer ones.
3) These manips still follow my usual rules, if you're not sure what those rules are, you can ask me in a note if you're interested in a spot.
4) I will absolutely not do any artwork for Cimoron Island or to be used on Cimoron Island, no exceptions.


These manips will be on sale for $15 as a base price for simple, which may go up depending on the idea you have in mind for the piece. And $25 for complex with the same rules. Regular prices are $25+ for simple and $50+ for complex.


I will NOT take reservations. 
I will NOT take points
I MIGHT consider art trades
You must send your order via NOTE or I will not count it


Character name:
Character ref: ((Images ONLY, I will NOT take written descriptions))
Image idea:



Looking To Commission People

Wed Jun 11, 2014, 10:41 PM
I have some new characters that need some nice new art, and the only people I could think of commissioning are all closed, so ye. 

PLEASE NOTE: I'm ONLY looking for Paypal commissions, I don't do points. And I'm also only looking for manipulations, not anything else, no exceptions. Cos really I dont have trouble getting drawings of them, so I only need manips at the moment.


The characters all need some new art~

DYNAMENE: designed by franknsteins 

A'DAISE:   designed by alimarije 

AUGURY: designed by franknsteins 

ALEIDA: designed by me


Please only comment if you are open, I'm not looking for waiting lists. You must also be okay with me using the images on roleplaying sites such as Pantheon

Back, I guess

Wed Jun 11, 2014, 3:25 PM
I'll be working to get comms done either by the end of this month or next. My shoulder's been super sore so it's been hard to do manips because of how long they take, but I should be okay to start them now. I will not be streaming any of my manips, it only slow down the process and I'd like them to be finished as soon as possible.

Aside from that I will be permanently closing commissions on the 24th of this month, so I will keep them open until then, but after the 24th no more commissions are going to be accepted ever, and the only ones I will be working on are the ones that have already been ordered, the one's waiting longest being first priority.

I also need to get started on a new breed as well as releasing new Gigas types and working on my Fawnling, so those will be submitted between commissions. 

Also I do not take requests for tutorials, so please stop sending me messages about them. My tutorials are only offered via purchase unless I feel like submitting some, they take a long time for me to make and they require a lot of effort.

Alive, sorta.

Wed Apr 30, 2014, 3:32 PM
My laptop is currently in the computer shop getting fixed due to the hard drive needing to be replaced. Hopefully this will also speed up some of my programs a bit, and I can do photomanipulations much faster. Until then, I will not be able to do any art seeing as my sister's laptop doesn't have any of my programs. The guy who is working on my laptop said that it should only take til the end of the week, so fingers crossed I guess. 

My house also has 3 new kittens, which are going to hopefully go to good homes, though we may be keeping one as a replacement to a cat who has decided she wants to stay an outdoor cat. Once they grow up a bit, I'll try to post some pictures.

I'm also having some personal problems, and might need to go to the hospital soon, so aside from having no way of getting on unless my sister isn't using this laptop, I may be absent due to health problems. 


Tue Feb 25, 2014, 6:12 AM

While I quietly manip and ask myself why I'm even still awake, please enjoy this gif of Hannibal doing the hula that I made yesterday.